10 best fabric stores in Chennai

Hey, Are you a fashion designer on the hunt for the best fabrics? Or Are you simply someone who is on the lookout for the fine fabrics? Look no further! Here are ten of the top fabric stores in Chennai that offers you an array of high-quality fabrics which you were desperately looking for:

1. Fabloe Fabrics

Summoning all the fabrics enthusiastics to know the top most fabric store in Chennai. Fabloe Fabrics, located in T-nagar. It stands on top with its 4.5 stars on google and over 500 reviews. A well-known name in the textile industry, has expanded its presence beyond Chennai to Coimbatore as well. They don’t just play a role of retailers but also take the roles of wholesalers and manufacturers. They most likely have a solid reputation for dependability, quality, and fabric knowledge in their neighborhood or industry. They offers an extensive variety of fabrics including cotton, Ajrakh, chiffon, linen, chinon and more with a focus on
unstitched suit sets. They also provide online shopping.

2. Attic

The Fabric Hub: Here’s a breathtaking spot in Kilpauk, where you can feel the fabrics in the atmosphere itself. It is one of the best fabrics store in Chennai. The aesthetic of this place continues to captivate anyone who visits. Attic takes pride in creating an exclusive collection of fabrics to suit a range of preferences and tastes. You can find what you're looking for here, whether it's the ideal fabric for a custom garment, a stunning piece for home décor. With their extensive knowledge of fabrics, the staff provides tailored assistance to help you navigate the options and make well-informed decisions.

3. T.Mangharam

The fabric people: This is an another ideal location for fabrics which is situated at Parry's Corner. They are known for providing a large selection of materials, probably specializing in different kinds of fabrics for diverse uses or events. They probably place a high priority on providing excellent customer service, assisting clients in selecting the ideal fabric for their projects and providing guidance on maintenance and care. They deliver everything from traditional silk sarees to contemporary designer fabrics. Usually people differ on their tastes and preferences so this is the specific place they are looking for which suits their own


The Fabric Studio - It is located in Egmore and a best place for fabrics. They offer wonderful variety of sarees and garment materials. They have all types of fabrics with unique designs and themes that are consistent with regional sensibilities. They offer a great customer service and the competence and enthusiasm of the employees is also noteworthy. Among the fabrics you can find velvet, net, organza, brocade and much more. When it comes to prints, there is so much to look at, with over fifty shelves all stocked with canvas material.

5. Akrithi

When you think of a word pure then the first name that comes in our mind is Akrithi. It is located in Harrington road where they excel in crafting premium fabrics which is all pure such as pure organza silk, pure raw silk, pure satin silk, pure soft silk, pure chiffon silk, pure crepe silk etc., Akrithi speacializes in producing silk and they are widely recognized for their outstanding quality, reasonable rates, and vast assortment of unique fabrics. They provide a
range of fabrics, including conventional and rare selections.

6. The Fabric Souk

A wide selection of fabrics, including modern designs, specialized fabrics and traditional Indian fabrics, are available at The Fabric Souk. They will satisfy your fabric needs and fulfil your heart with high-quality materials showcasing expert craftsmanship and traditional skills. Luxurious silks, sophisticated chiffons, sturdy cottons, and other materials are available. Visiting The Fabric Souk provides a comprehensive cultural experience, allowing visitors to gain insight into India's unique textile traditions. It's an excellent spot to discover and learn about various fabrics and their applications in Indian culture.

7. The Fabric Store

The Fabric Store situated in Anna Nagar which is the perfect destination for sewing persons, designers and anyone looking for high-quality fabrics. This store delivers a wide range of fabrics including cotton, silk, linen and much more, catering to various needs from daily wear to festive wear. Their fabrics are often known for their quality and durability.

8. Jain Impex

Located at the core of T. Nagar, Jain Impex benefits from an ideal spot that is straightforward to reach via both government and private vehicles. Its central position is convenient for customers from all over Chennai. It is renowned for its large selection of reasonably priced fabrics. They provide a wide range of options with excellent customer service. Over the years, the store has established a solid reputation for dependability and client happiness. Apart from providing fabric by the meter, Jain Impex could also provide customization services or collaborate with nearby tailors to produce clothing tailored to the tastes of their clients.

9. Kesar Fabrics

They mostly sells wedding wears and it is the familiar fabrics store for the wedding and formal wears. The shop is known for its high-quality materials and wide range of choices, drawing in shoppers looking for materials for different uses like making clothes, decorating their homes, and creating crafts. In Kodambakkam, at Kesar Fabrics, they've unveiled an extensive selection of fresh collections that showcase printed textiles. These collections are expected to encompass a variety of prints, including floral designs, geometric shapes, abstract themes, and maybe traditional patterns, based on the local or seasonal fashions.

10. Banas

The Fabric Shop: Whether you're in look of high-quality silk, conventional Indian materials, originator textures, or handloom specialties, Chennai brags a few top-notch choices. It is located in Alwarpet. From stores advertising a wide run of cotton textures at reasonable costs to those specializing in bridal wear and customization administrations, you will discover everything to suit your needs.


These are the top 10 best fabric stores in Chennai and each and every store takes prides in its own uniqueness. Explore all the top 10 and fulfil your fabric needs.

In conclusion, Chennai gifts you these hidden gems, catering to all preferences and budgets. Whether you're a fashion designer or a home decor person, you're assured to find the perfect fabric to bring your vision to life. Chennai's fabric stores offer a complete range of products, from luxurius silks and stunning selections to traditional fabrics and everyday wear, making shopping a happy experience. Happy fabric hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy good quality cotton fabrics in Chennai?

Fabloe Fabrics is considered one of the top fabric stores in Chennai, known for its wide range of cotton fabrics here, from plain to printed and high-quality materials.They have all types of fabrics and focus on Indian traditional. They specialize in cotton in which each fabric tells a story and capture the eyes of the visitors. From affordable cotton fabrics to bridal wear and customization services, you'll find everything to suit your tastes. For online convenience, visit fabloe website and order online.

Which company is best for fabric?

Fabloe fabrics stands on top when it comes to high-quality fabrics and wide range of traditional and contemporary designs. It takes pride in specialising fabrics such as cotton, silk, muslin, crepe, georgette, chinon, chiffon and much more. They are specifically renowned for their desi prints and Indian traditional designs. They have all kinds of fabric and a best company for fabrics.

Are there any fabric stores in Chennai known for designer materials?

Yes, Fabloe fabrics is the home of fabrics where you can find all kinds of materials. They are known for their designer materials and specializes in stunning designer fabrics, including silk, cotton, linen and a variety of other gorgeous materials. The versatility of their prints and designs make them a good choice for both special occasions and everyday wear.

Where can I buy handloom fabrics in Chennai?

Fabloe Fabrics is a leading spot to buy handloom fabrics. Fabloe is the best option to consider for buying handloom fabrics in Chennai. They are praised for the quality and variety when it comes to finding exceptional handloom fabrics in
Chennai. They offer a vast selection of handloom materials.

Which is the largest wholesale fabric shop in Chennai?

The largest wholesale fabric shop in Chennai is Fabloe Fabrics which is located at T Nagar. This is a familiar place for Fabrics and a best option for bulk purchases. They offer a vast collection of fabrics, including cotton, silk, synthetic, organza and blended materials. Their wholesale section offers attractive discounts for bulk buyers. It is a go-to place for designers, tailors and bulk buyers looking for high quality Fabrics.