Fabloe family aspires to honour our love for fabric. Sourced from all over the country, our wide variety of fabric is the brainchild of passionate handwork of numerous talented artisans and weavers all over India. Our fabric is curated with care and a tinge of love, our fabrics are revered by many designers and corporations.

Fabloe sells fabrics to businesses as well as individuals, online as well as in-store. With our endless variety of fabrics to choose from, Fabloe is your one-stop destination for all your fabric needs under a single roof as well as site. Adding to it, we also have a custom stitching unit with experienced Designers and Master Tailors to bring your dream outfit into reality with the fabrics chosen from Fabloe. 

For us at Fabloe, fabric isn’t just a piece of cloth but a metaphor of joy and hard work; of yours and ours. In less than a year, Fabloe has garnered momentum and has established itself as a noteworthy space for ethically produced indigenous fabrics. Our zeal keeps us steady on the path of growth and we are always looking for innovative ways to serve all of your fabric needs.

Our offline store is situated in Rama Street, Bazullah Rd, Chennai and R.S. Puram Coimbatore but we've made sure you can reach out to us online and enjoy this shopping experience anytime and anywhere. Started with a team of 4 back in 2016, Fabloe has grown to a team of 50 along with a new store opening in Coimbatore. 

Fabloe Store

Fabloe has stores in Chennai and Coimbatore if you’d like to touch and feel before you buy.

Our Story

Fabloe's journey began with a genuine quest to unearth the richness of handmade fabrics and traditional craftsmanship that India holds.Fabloe committed to exploring remote villages and weaving communities to source unique, high-quality fabrics directly from skilled artisans.

We provide a diverse array of fabrics like Cotton Handlooms, Jaipur Handblock Prints, Kalamkari, Ajrakh, and much more which signifies Fabloe's recognition of the diverse cultural heritage of India's fabric tradition. Our purchase not only showcases these remarkable techniques but also supports the livelihoods of artisans across the country. The collaborative spirit resonates deeply with conscious consumers who value ethical sourcing and craftsmanship building a relationship between the brand, its customers and the artisans

Fabloe promises to uphold these values while exploring avenues for greater engagement, sharing the stories behind specific fabrics or artisans, initiatives that offer insights into the intricate processes of fabric-making that showcase the fusion of traditional techniques with contemporary designs adding a unique dimension to the fabric industry.