Ikat is a yarn dyeing technique that creates designs on the fabric. Ikat fabrics are popular for their distinct style and apparent blurriness in its design. Odisha and Andhra Pradesh of India are popular for their Ikat weaving. The Gujarat's famous Patola saree is woven using this technique. The fine quality and intricate patterns of Ikat in India has attracted many people.


Ikat Weaving Technique:

It is resist dyeing process, in which a set of yarns or individual yarns are tightly bundled together and then dyed repeatedly to create the pattern.

The designs are done on a graph paper. In the weaving process, first the threads are checked on correct position to work on with the design. The procedure in which these yarns are tied together, results in different pattern formation on the fabric.

To create intricate patterns it is repeated multiple times in a range of colours. Different colours can be added along with additional bundles.

Because of the yarn binding, Ikat fabric looks the same on both sides. The vital characteristic of Ikat is that the formation of patterns takes place before weaving. Ikat produces elaborate patterns which is similar to tie and dye. Ikat also has patterns with abstract designs.




Warp Ikat

In warp ikat, only the warp yarns are Ikat dyed. The warp yarns are the vertical threads on the loom.The weft yarns are dyed in a solid colour.


Weft Ikat

In weft Ikat, only the weft yarns are Ikat dyed. The weft yarns are the horizontal threads on the loom. It creates a clarity to the design when the weft yarns are adjusted.


Double Ikat

Double Ikat is a yarn resist technique where both the warp and weft are tied and dyed according to a graphed pattern.

It is the most expensive and most difficult and complicated to make. Double Ikat textiles are still found in India, Japan and Indonesia.


The Handloom Trend : Ikat print


Ikat is trending now from apparel to accessories and to footwear. Ikat gives a traditional touch to any outfit. When you wear an ikat print, surely it's going to grab everyone's attention towards you. Make your wardrobe colourful with our ikat fabrics.